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St. John's Lutheran Women

Purpose Statement

As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit,

We commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action,
and promote healing and wholeness in the church, society, and the world.

All the women of St. John's Lutheran Church are already members of St. John's Lutheran Women, even if you are not an active member of a circle. Please join us for food for thought and food for the soul.

June Rourk circle meeting
We have two monthly Bible study groups - one day time and one in the evening. The groups meet on the second Tuesday of each month, with a break during the summer months of June, July and August.

All monthly meetings are held in the Mission Building.

Once a year, usually in early Fall, we have a joint meeting or retreat. We gather for a meal, have a special speaker, and support specific local and worldwide aid organizations.

WELCA meeting WELCA meeting WELCA meeting

Meetings and locations are listed in the Sunday Bulletin Insert, the Monthly Newsletter, and in our St. John's Lutheran Women's calendar page

            The Miriam Circle meets at 10:30 AM.                                     The Lydia Circle meets at 7:00 PM.

Click here for the 2018 circle meeting dates and places calendar.

Please go to our Lutheran Women Sewing Page for details and pictures of our community outreach sewing projects.

Please enjoy a copy of A History of Lutheran Church Women at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Community Outreach Coordinators:

Sewing Circle - Eve Roane
Martha's Animals - Doti Wilson
Loving Care Ministry Box - Sarah Anderson & Sam Cowan
Bereavement Ministry - Melinda Ellis

Circle Leaders:

Miriam Circle - Claria Gorgen
Lydia Circle - Rosie Riddle Kolb
Treasurer - Helen Masters


  • To create opportunities for greater use of the gifts and talents of the Women of St. Johnís.
  • To assist women to deepen their personal relationship to God and to joyfully proclaim the Good News.
  • To encourage participation in Bible Study as a means of growth and fellowship.
  • To put our faith into action by making items our emphasis local mission work.

  • We need small gifts ( 25¢ to 50¢ )  for Helena House Bingo prizes. Please get them to Jane Moellenhoff, or put in basket in Narthex. Go to Helena House page for more details.
  • Why a women's organization in the 21st century?

    ..... The level of trust and sharing found in a group of women is like nothing else. Women need places where we can pass on, and receive, shared wisdom and life stories to become strong, vibrant women.

    Here are the thoughts of some of our active women on what makes St. John's Lutheran Women special in their lives.

    Womens' Hands Doing God's Work logo

  • "It provides a place to question and strengthen my beliefs as we study the Bible and come to better understand God's word".

  • "I enjoy the fellowship and love we share."

  • "It is uplifting to be with women of strong faith."

  • "I appreciate the support shown to one another, to others in our church and to the wide community of Beaufort and beyond."

  • "I enjoy the working relationships ands stimulating conversation as we complete projects together."

  • Here are some current programs.
    samples of St. John's Lutheran Women sewing groups
  • A weekly morning sewing group that meets at the church to make bibs, lap robes and walker pockets for Assisted Living Facilities, as well as crib quilts for infants newly baptized at St. John's Lutheran Church.
  • A once a month sewing group that meets in the morning at church to make stuffed animals for young patients in Beaufort Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room.

  • Please go to our St. John's Lutheran Women Sewing Page for more details and pictures of our sewing projects.

    Here is a link to Womens' Hands Doing God's Work.

    Please check the church calendar page for dates and times of the group and sewing circle meetings.
    samples of St. John's Lutheran Women sewing groups
    Monthly, Marthaís animals makes 40 stuffed animals for young patients in Beaufort Memorial Hospitalís Emergency Room, along with 10 stuffed animals given to two ambulance drivers for use as needed for young ambulance patients.

    St. Johnís Lutheran Women started the casserole ministry. Individuals have made and delivered numerous casseroles to various church members.

    We also made it a goal to renew awareness of what the church collects for various community organizations. Each month we saw an increase in the number of items brought in to bless others in the community.

    We extend a warm welcome to every one of you who have not yet experienced the joy of participating in the program, to find your niche and become part of some piece of St. John's Lutheran Women. Perhaps you might even have an idea to add another piece to this program. Just talk to us and let's see what we can do and how we can grow.

    Link to National Women of the ELCA web site.

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